Emerging Markets Group, LLC.
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Operating a business in Russia is a complex endeavor. Changing legal requirements, inconsistent tax rules and unfamiliar accounting practices create a business environment which is, at best, confusing. The right advice is essential to success. Advice from professionals who understand you and your objectives, and understand Russia. Emerging Markets Group is a US accounting and consulting firm that combines Western management and standards with extensive Russian experience. Our team includes specialists in different areas - taxation and litigation, auditing and bookkeeping, business operations and finance - skilled professionals in touch with the latest developments. changes. With special services for smaller businesses and the resources and experience to handle large and complex procedures, EMG is ready to deliver the advice and support you need to survive in the difficult Russian market.


Emerging Markets Group и AIESEC общаются уже в течение долгого количества лет. EMG поддерживали многие образовательные мероприятия AIESEC,последним из которых был Национальный Конгресс для Исполнительных Советов всех городов России. Emerging Markets Group является партнером Локального Комитета с августа 2005 года.

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James Beatty, partner:

“Aiesec FINEC continues to develop the leaders of tomorrow, while providing a competitive advantage to companies utilizing their exchange program. It is truly an organization that provides a win-win relationship between companies and students.”